Material Design and Development

From structure/property analysis to finished formulations



Project Management

Bring focus and teamwork to innovation


Manufacturing Support/QC

Support scaleup, manufacturing, and regulatory requirements


Solving Technical Challenges for Industry Since 1993

We can help you succeed

We have been providing solutions for challenging technical problems for a while, documented in 33 US patents and 29 pending US applications over a span of more than 25 years.

We have invented new molecules and materials, synthesized them, formulated them, scaled them up and worked side by side with customers on their production lines to ensure that they worked successfully. And if they don't work perfectly the first time, we can make improvements from the ground up to make sure that our customers are happy. Most people have worked on one part of the equation, sometimes two. We have worked on the whole process, which helps to avoid possible issues before they become nightmares.

All along this path we use the tools of project management, stakeholder alignment, statistical design, and most importantly of all, worker safety, to ensure that everyone goes home happy and healthy at the end of the day.


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